Give a Hoot or Die.

Bush in office. Ridiculously high gas prices. Crime. A depleting ozone. War. Famine and disease. The AIDS epidemic. Global poverty. Genocide.

There are plenty of reasons to be bitter. Our current social, political, and economical climate gives some of us a multi-layered, thick skin that can't be permeated by the tears of grieving mothers, the cries of neglected children, or the whimpers of abused animals. The biggest challenge is keeping your soft spot in tact - in spite of all the bullshit.

"The opposite of good is not evil, it's apathy," is a bumper sticker quote that I live by. Indifference is a simple state of existence. It's no feat to have the power to walk around without a care in the world. As fucked up as people are, and as horrid as the conditions have the potential to become, it takes people who are strong enough to give a hoot, to turn things around.

Apathy changes nothing, homie. Give a damn, you selfish bastards.

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