Happy Friday!

There was a Black man, a White man, a Native American man, and a Latino man. All four of them were on top of a cliff discussing the difficulties that their people had gone through. The Native American said, "My people have suffered the most, and in Honor of what they have endured, I will fling myself off this cliff in hopes that my blood will change things." So he yelled "THIS IS FOR MY PEOPLE," and jumped off the cliff. The Latino, not wanting to be outdone, quickly looked at the other two and followed yelling "THIS IS FOR MY PEOPLE" and jumped off the cliff as well. The Black man was touched by this and decided it was his turn, so he yelled "THIS IS FOR MY PEOPLE" and pushed the White man off the cliff. -Anonymous.

Well, I thought it was funny. In other news: TGIF!

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LainaBoo said...

Lol, I think it's funny too!

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