Tee Fiend.

I love T-shirts! I was browsing The Giant Peach today and this shirt was the first to catch my eye. I haven't been shopping in a while. Finding original rags is definitely much-needed therapy since this screw-a-9-to-5 lifestyle is a little stressful. I may have to splurge. 'Til then, I'll just browse the web and build my wish list.

In other news, I have a "job" interview on Friday. It's not your typical career so I'm pretty excited at the prospect of continuing to sit at home, assist my love with making his business a creative powerhouse, and really having the time ti buckle down and write the next great American novel (the idea is brewing).

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Anonymous said...

TO The Beautiful Quasi Deep Thinker. That is a ridiculously hot Tee. And you know that I am a big fan of new things and Bob Marley Tee's! If you see some of those as well as this one around please let me know A.S.A.P.

Fos *

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