If I Were President...

With the election drawing near, and brainstorming ideas for I novel currently blossoming in my head, I'd been contemplating the types of changes I'd put into place if I were President. Yes, it's a very romantic idea to think that the President has much control, but bare with me *wink*.

First, I'd put speakers in every street pole. They'd play Jazz and old school R&B in the evening, and conscious Hip-Hop, Reggae and Alternative during the day. Any and all feel good music would play throughout the weekends. Life will revolve around this evolving soundtrack. This universal language will tie people together.

Then, I'd make provisions to prevent these multi-million dollar businesses from paying workers overseas these ridiculous slave wages--forcing them to bring jobs back home or pay poor people abroad wages that are comparable to what they would pay someone here. American abuse and exploitation of the poverty of those who live elsewhere would eventually come to an end.

Number three on my list would be to ban the use of paper, aside from using it for the production of journals, books, magazines, album inserts, money and checks. All bulk/junk mail will be digital, and well as daily newspapers, sales papers, bills, etc.

Four, most prisons would be demolished to make room for community centers and parks. Remaining prisons would house criminals who are actually dangerous (read: murderers & rapists), not drug dealers, prostitutes, thieves and people who commit fraud. "Criminals" who don’t fit into the "dangerous" category shall be monetarily reprimanded or made to do community service.

Other changes that would be effective upon my presidential inauguration would be as follows:

+ The Military will be a power that enforces peace without murdering, torturing and raping people abroad.

+ Additional freeway zoning will be put to a permanent halt.

+ Borders will stay open, and this country that is populated by generations of immigrants will remain that way.

+ All "Go back to Africa!" shouters, KKK members, and Neo-Nazi freaks will be expeditiously deported back to the land their father's father's father's father came from before their migration.

+ Homosexual marriage: Legalized.

+ Juneteenth will be recognized as a national holiday, and President's day will be stripped of its holiday status.

+ Cremation will become a mandatory result of death to avoid being forced to disturb gravesites when the land becomes cluttered with tombstones.

+ All slaughterhouses will be required to adopt humane methods of slaughter and provide animals with adequate living condition that are in line with what nature intended.

+ Fur would be banned. Sorry, there will be no diplomatic compromise here.

I could go on...

The country would slowly form into a dictatorship, and what would result is a experimental world that would only be digested by others as fiction… um yeah. Book coming soon :-)

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