Excerpt from "Black December Rising."

"Everyone in the Metro was feeling the friction of a music-less city. Five years ago, after a wave of rebellions swept every major metropolitan, the powers-that-be made a collective decision to ban all music that evoked pride, anger, conscience, sympathy, or anything else that may prompt an otherwise idle human to be proactive. This quickly led to the disbandment of local radio stations, music channels, and major music labels. Indie labels still existed underground, but to hear music that wasn’t already pre-approved by the country’s leaders was unlawful by the books.

True Corazon, Detroit’s dedicated mayor of six years, immediately fought tooth-and-nail to keep music in the city of Detroit, claiming that the very backdrop of Motown was decorated by the sound of music. “Without music, this city may become the very nightmare you are trying to circumvent,” she said addressing The Civil Panel of Music Moderators. Her plea was heard, and Detroit became the only city to boast speakers in every light post, which shuffled through an arrangement of countless tracks and changed colors to fit the mood. The city moved along to the same arrangement, and while some people griped about having their day’s soundtrack left to chance..."

I'm having a great time writing this piece of experimental fiction. Stay tuned for more...

"The novel is an event in consciousness. Our aim isn't to copy actuality, but to modify and recreate our sense of it. The novelist is inviting the reader to watch a performance in his own brain." - George Buchanan

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