Farewell 2008!

8 represents new beginnings & 2008 was definitely an interesting and challenging year. I really discovered what it means to be a truly struggling creative. I started a potentially amazing novel, which I've yet to recover off of my dying hard drive. I joined a mentoring program and I'm taking small steps in positively influencing a young girl in a big way. I took part in the most historical election to date. I've connected with old friends and made awesome new ones and I realized that I look pretty good in Zebra print.

This blog was started at the top of the year and since then I've shared a lot and made some progress in promoting my writing career. My name has yet to be in lights, but I'm confident that I'm on my way to becoming a force in the literary world. I'm determined to outshine every single Oprah Book Club author one day. For now, I'm more than happy with having been highlighted in Poet Tree Mag, Fresko City, and being an Ill-Advised Nonconformist. *Smile*

I'm staying in Atlanta for the holidays. I'm going to use the next week or so to cleanse my soul of any negative energy it held on to this year so I can close it out properly. See you all in '09!

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DaynaC said...

you do look awesome in zebra print honey! to new beginnings! *cheers*

NaturallyAlise said...

Cheers to new beginnings.... good to focus on the things that were good to you and 2008 and bring those in 09 with ya, keep on building, the name in lights is a good goal, I'm wit ya on that one :)

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