I Heart My Computer...

and I'm beginning to think that may be a problem.

For the past three days, I've been completely computer-less. Living sans internet surfing, blogging, and social networking for three whole days has been a emotionally painful test of strength. Saying that throughout the beginning part of the week sounded completely normal to me. Now that I'm back in front of my (now Vista-less) screen, I'm admitting that I was teetering on insanity because of a virtual non-issue.

I've gone without my computer for days before, but this time, slap dab in the middle of the week I found myself at a lost for what to do. I felt powerless, unproductive and alone.

I think I need a therapist.

I think this says a lot about our culture as a whole. My whole life has become a collection of files that can be wiped out at any moment.

Now that I'm looking at my situation with a sounder mind, I've come to a realization that as a writer, I need to get back to the essence of what makes writing a gift that can't only be validated by the results. While the beginning of my 2nd novel has yet to be retrieved (I'm still hoping for a recovery of many files), I have to admit that the process of writing was beautiful, and that can't be taken away by shitty technical viruses.

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NaturallyAlise said...

I hear ya girl. I was without a computer twice this year. Once for a week while I was in the hospital. And the second time for about a week a couple months ago. It was hard, but it made me pull out a pen and a journal, and really be able to dig into imagination because there was no distraction. I think I should web-detox every now and again...

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