7 Guilty Pleasures.

Writers, as a creative curse, generally expose themselves in their work. Whether it's intentional or not, writers invite the reader to view a piece of themselves whenever they pen a stanza of a poem or a paragraph of a novel. Keeping a blog has been my way of letting people "in" and leaving the guesswork at bay. However, there are deep dark secrets* that I've been keeping, until now...

1. I follow Secret Tweet on Twitter. Many confessions make extraordinary writing prompts.

2. I'm addicted to Change. I think excessive urges for change can be an unhealthy addiction if not handled properly. I find that I waste a lot of time changing unnecessary things when I should be focusing my energy on creative and professional projects.

3. I enjoy watching paternity test result shows on Maury.

4. I Google my name nearly every day: Ain HD and Ain Drew.

5. I love catching people trip. I'm sure there are many people who share this pleasure with me. There's nothing like walking behind someone and witnessing them unexpectedly tumble forward.

6. Shopping. Although I am surprisingly thrifty.

7. I love Potatoes: baked, fried, chips. It doesn't matter. Eating potatoes generally leads to regret and promises to take an extra trip to the gym (never happens).

*These "secrets" are neither deep nor dark. However, if you'd like more insight as to who I am as a person, you should read my work, visit Amazon or Lulu.com to purchase the book, or simply Google my name to check out the few pieces floating in cyberspace.

2 Engage in Discourse:

NaturallyAlise said...

I google myself often as well, I look up Alise, Naturally Alise, Cubicle Crusaders, etc daily, several times a day, lol!

KittyFarts said...

Interesting, I unfollowed Secret Tweet a couple of weeks ago because it was creeping me out, I never thought about looking at it as a writing prompt...

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