The Vision Board: Design Your Destiny.

I'm going 100MPH and all I'm doing is sitting at my desk. Imagine the things I could do if I were mobile right now. Yes, I'm high. I downed a glass of Boost this morning and I'm feeling unstoppable. I'm sure my adrenaline rush has less to do with my excessive vitamin/nutrient consumption and more to do with the energy that I've created to engulf my space today & the Vision Board planted in front of me.

What's a Vision Board?

If you already know what a Vision Board (VB) is and you lack one, I have to beg you to create one, NOW. If you don't know: quite simply, it's a visual representation of the things you wish to attain-- be it material possessions or other "items" that would serve to improve and/or enhance your quality of life.

Making a vision board is easy and inspiring.


1. Pens, markers, sharpies, crayons or other writing materials
2. Board: cardboard, box top, cork board, etc.
3. Old magazines, computer & printer, photos, newspaper, sales papers, etc.
4. Tacks, paste or tape


1. Cut out, find and print, write or draw the things that you want in your life.
2. Tack, paste or tape these items on your VB.
3. Place your VB in a prominent place so you can see it everyday.

My VB sits over my desk. It's a work in progress and I'm sure that I'll soon need a larger board. I used tacks b/c as I grow, my goals evolve and the things that I want to attain become variables, rather than indicators, of my future success. A few things on my board now include: the flag of Ghana, meaningful quotes, a poem about being happily employed, a jag (although any quality luxury--preferably eco-friendly-- car will do), a beautiful home with a fly kitchen and a family photo.

If you already have one, please feel free to share what's on yours!

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Anonymous said...

I just created my vision board (still working on it)! Here are some of the things I put on it:

A picture of a home, a globe (I want to travel more), a family and various phrases that can motivate me.

This is a great idea! Keep it coming Ain!!

Annie said...

Vision board helps you to grow into that person you know you can become…

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