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We go for the complimentary Jack Daniels. We go for the amazing live music. We go because it's free. We go to view kick-ass urban art. There are ton of reasons to check out Art, Beats + Lyrics when it comes through your city, including the fact that it's organized by two very dope people, Dubelyoo and Jabari Graham. I had a blast in Birmingham a couple weeks ago and was also lucky enough to check out the show in Atlanta and Jackson, MS.

AB+L is a great event that highlights urban artists from all over the country, some of whom I have the pleasure of knowing personally, such as mr. soul (whom I frequently mention), Goldi Gold, Flux and Fabian, the Occasional Superstar. As a writer, I often pull from visuals for inspiration and AB+L showcases work that speaks to me and my generation. If you happen to hear that AB+L is coming to your city or a city a short drive away, I'd strongly encourage you to check it out.

*Note: We also go to take pictures by Hannibal Matthews.

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you look like a baby in these pics.


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