The Beauty of Honorable Discourse

I've finally vlogged!

Well, not really. However, I have uploaded my first video,
The Beauty of Honorable Discourse, to my YouTube channel. The video was shot awhile ago, just playing with my new camera during a farewell lunch for my sister, Shaleyah. She's currently touring with her band, Waterseed, in EurAsia (check them out).

I enjoy frequent conversations with women [and men] of all kinds. So, when I came across a blog on Bitch about a University of Michigan study that claimed that conversation between women made us more healthy, I was disappointed by the civerage. I wasn't thrown off by the study itself. However, several news outlets decided to use the "gossip" over "conversation" when reporting on the story. This reduces bonding between women to frivolous , idle chatter.

Yes, this is a feminist speaking.

Because of the downgrading language of women coming together by irresponsible headline writers, I decided to somewhat piece together a beautiful moment.


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Doc Tate said...

Different! I like it!

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