Work vs. Passion

[Dear employer, I hope you're reading this blog]

Note: I almost titled this post, "Work vs. Slavery." But out of respect to my ancestors and the millions around the globe who are still working for next to nothing in abusive, deplorable conditions, I decided against it.

However, each time I leave the comfort of my own home to make it possible for someone else to make more money off of my back than I'm making myself, I can only compare my place of employment to a plantation. A less binding one of course, but one that I've been unwilling to escape because of the current economy, a shortage of "better" jobs, and my own desire to live a certain way. I'm already a minimalist for the most part.
I could opt for less, but I'd still have to work to get it.

So, I have three choices:

1. Live off the land.
2. Work forever and hope to rise up the chain.
3. Emancipate myself through my own creativity and diligence.

Bingo! Number three is the only option for me. The second option may be appealing. I could certainly stick it out and eventually buy my freedom via a superb retirement plan. At the end of the day, until this writing career pops off properly, I'll have to settle for a job. Like most creatives, I work day in and day out, hustling for ends and struggling to maintain the balance of work vs. passion.

Passion as a writer, fine artist, dancer, etc. is essential. I'm beginning to take a more passionate approach to my work even though a more lackadaisical approach has kept me from giving too much of myself away in the spirit of my craft. What I've realized is that I AM my craft. When people ask me what I do, I always reply "I'm a writer." My job is secondary and irrelevant, a mere means to an end. So once upon a time while I was looking for a career path with the zeal of a recent graduate, I was ignoring the fact that I could and should be profiting from my passion, not work. And writing has been far from work, even when I'm mulling over a press release or bio, I pour my creativity into each project I take on without the hassle of being told what to do or how to do it. Love it.

Today, I'm declaring psychological emancipation from work and chaining myself to my passion (until I can physically peel myself away from the traditional job force). No more will I go above and beyond for people who don't value my worth. I will write every free moment I have on the clock. I will surrender my care and concern for making money their way and focus on building my future wealth. Done.

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