New Hair & New Outlook

I touched my head the other day and realized that my hair was gone. Really realized that I chopped off my long, beautiful hair. I already knew that I'd gone "Billie Jean" (according to my stylist) and took a pair of scissors to my head. I already knew that I'd had clippers to my head for the first time. But this realization was about more than what's [not] on top of my head. It was about the fact that everything is indeed changing.

Like my hair, I'm beginning to embrace who
I am to the fullest extent (of what's lawful). Whether it's ditching writing projects that I haven't been fully committed to, dumping a business partner and company that would never fulfill me or diving into a endeavor that can surely win, I'm taking risks that my mind has only toyed with in the past. It's exciting.

So, I have new hair, a new business on the rise, a new outlook on the novel that I've been revising for months and a new perspective on what the hell I'm supposed to do in this world.

I look forward to sharing future projects with you folks. Stay tuned, loves.

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Terra D said...

Good for you! I recently went natural (stopped flat-ironing) and it's been a learning experience. Congrats!

I'm a friend of Lia's, I went to GVSU.

DTJ said...

Rock on baldie!! I'm going bald naturally as well. Happy to have you join the ranks of the follically challenged--even if it is for different reasons through different methods! :-) Stay you.

NaturallyAlise said...

When I chopped my back length locs off earlier this year, it was scary but exciting at the same time, and though it is just hair it can really signal a change in direction or growth.

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