13 Phrases #6: Jovonna Rodriguez

1. By day, I slay dragons: Social justice monsters that hold our children captive to systematic educational digressions. I teach that knowledge is deeper than my classroom and the hour I see my students.

2. I write best when the universe aligns and moves me.

3. When I find it difficult to complete a piece, I step back, light some incense, put on Erykah, grab some wine, take a walk, examine the way trees move so effortlessly and refocus. Some things are just for reflection, not completion.

4. Something that helps me recover from Writer's Block (has) been my exploration of its purpose and meaning. The simple absence of one thing opens door for another. Writer’s block is necessary for growth.

5. I starting writing because my veins burned, my heart yearns, my fingertips glide connecting my soul to each letter. I write to stay alive.

7. I will always write because it’s destined. And until movement is snatched, words no longer can be spoken, thought formed, I will always attempt to create.

8. If I weren't a writer, I would be a conversationalist, vocally parading the minds of others still with my words.

9. The authors who influence and inspire my work are… Honestly, everything I read, experience, and connect with influences my writings. Most importantly: Audre Lorde, bell hooks, Khalil Gibran, Adele, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Saul Williams.

10. The most important goal I have as a writer is to not let the limits of the world bind my words, and yet instead strengthen my freedom.

11. People who read my work are most likely trying to uncover a piece of me, but actually end up uncovering a piece of themselves.

12. My most significant piece to date is a mystery. What is significance… each piece has been great for that moment in time, for my release, your absorption, for the point of existing.

13. There is nothing more important than reflection, humility, service, growth, loyalty, and respect. Know thy self, love thy self!

A Men

I come to you in question
In theory
In practice
Wishing for clarification
Hoping for understanding
Needing balance
How do I give
All to you
How do I let go
And when blessings come
How do I know
That line between
And lust.
How do I not confuse love with lusting more?
Desire with greed?
Where do I find balance?
In the simplest form
Lead me to clarity.
And strengthen me to trust my internal desires and convictions.
Knowing my inner guide is you.
Leading my journey
Stumbling, yet I walk
Arriving late, though I make my destination.
Time does not detour me.
Connect my desires with your lead.
Calm me.
Be my sight.
While I be of you.
How do I give in
Without being weak?
Where does the line
Between vulnerability and strength meet?

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