Ain HD Featured in "Sistah Vegan"

I first learned of the Sistah Vegan project when a friend of mine put me in contact with the Editor, A. Breeze Harper. We spoke briefly before I decided that I would contribute an essay about my unique experience as a PETA employee. There's a misconception about PETA and animal rights activists in general that suggests that they're disconnected from the human population. Debunking that stereotype is important. (Moving forward as a Green population means recognizing the fact that we are all connected.)

In my essay, I also discuss PETA's tactics in approaching the "urban" community. I am very candid in describing my short seven months working at the largest, and most unpopular, animal rights organization in the world.

Sistah Vegan also features poetry and personal essays by women who discuss everything from health to eco-womanism. This book is a true example of literary activism, pushing readers to consider making healthier, more compassionate choices in regards to the way we eat and live.

The book can be purchased here.

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