Mothers' Day on Twitter [Recap]

Mothers' Day is important for me for several reasons: My mother, Michele Heath, my maternal grandmother, my aunts, my sisters and the many friends in my life who are enjoying the blessings, pleasures and pains of motherhood.

I so enjoyed sharing Mother sentiments on Twitter this Sunday that I've decided to do a quick recap of my favorite Tweets.


Random car conversation with mom -- Me: I think I ran like three red lights today. | Mom: Okay, don't say anything when you kill somebody. 9:14 PM May 9th

I, too, have fond memories of watching my mom cook as a child. She'd always say sweetly, "Get out the kitchen. You're in my way." 9:05 PM May 9th

+ So unlike many women, I didn't learn to cook from my mother. 9:06 PM May 9th

My mom didn't have the 'Birds & Bees' discussion with me until I was 18+. It happened after I told her of a break-up. It went like this -

+ Me: We broke up. | Mom: Why, b/c you didn't have sex w/him? | Me: How do you know we didn't have sex? | Mom: B/c I'll kill you, that's why. 7:19 PM May 9th

When I say "I love you" to my Grandma Huckaby as we get off the phone, she goes "Mmmhmm." She acts out of love. I don't need to hear it. 5:51 PM May 9th

To Grandma Drew, for your comical dislike of my existence. Contrary to what you believe, I'm not planning to write a book about you. HMD. 5:02 PM May 9th

Happy Mothers' Day to Aunt Mary, for acting as a second mother and creative inspiration. Rest in paradise. 12:36 PM May 9th

For every spanking, lecture, hug, kiss and bailout, I love you. Happy Mother's Day to the most amazing mother God could have given me. 12:04 PM May 9th

Me: *Crying* Mom, I got fired! Mom: *Frantically* What!? You're on fire!? #2006 #MothersDay 6:50 PM May 8th

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