Reflecting on Self

I've been doing much reflection lately. Looking inward. Staring in the metaphorical mirror. In doing this, I've started analyzing my purpose. More specifically, my purpose as a writer. When it comes to my craft, there are several projects I'm taking on at any given time: Children's literature. Poetry. Fictional novels. Memoirs. Freelancing for nonprofits.

I'm not of the mind that all of these things can't be accomplished, but in knowing my purpose as an artist, I can tie all of these things together into some coherent collection that represents who I am as I writer and the reason I create.

I'm reminded of a quote by Richard R. Grant, “The value of identity of course is that so often with it comes purpose.”

Knowing your purpose runs parallel to knowing yourself. I can't say which comes first, but it's quite impossible to achieve one without the other. Introspection is twofold. It's also an ongoing process as we manage to evolve in spite of ourselves. And in growing, I've come to realize that my purpose also evolves. What I was supposed to do this year may not be in line with what I'm supposed to do in following years. As spiritual beings, we have to fall in line where we're needed and use our talents accordingly. Can't get shook up by the shake up. Peace.

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joskidiesel said...

i love this!

Rogue said...

WOW!!! My sentiments exactly...only yours is so much more coherent! LOL Thank you for sharing and reminding me and other writers (those who have accepted it or not)of the necessity of INTROSPECTION (several times along the journey)...that we not mistake its value to the art form, to creativity and to our experiencing ourselves in this time and space!Definitely a spiritual exercise in itself. Thanks:) I am really loving this blog. Just stumbled upon it!

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