The Freedom of Creation.

After I released my debut poetry collection, I received a motivating amount of support and praise from friends and strangers. The love was beautiful, and it inspired me to start work on my second collection. I brainstormed poems and wrote pages of pieces that wound up in the recycling bin. I became so consumed with the idea of topping myself and meeting everyone's expectations - that the act of writing poetry felt more like work. The creative process stopped feeling genuine as I gathered poems in preparation for another book. I never took into account that the first collection was the product of years of writing. Poetry was a passion and a creative outlet - never a job. The pieces compiled for [If] Life's Rotten, Write to the Core were never written for the purpose of allowing the public to read. Publishing was an act of faith and grew out of the belief that I had something important to share. The entire process was fully organic - and it felt good.

Tonight, I decided to step outside of my creative comfort zone and paint. It was so therapeutic to create something without the burden of expectations. This is what I need poetry to feel like - pure freedom. This is my goal for 2011.

Here's a sneak peek of the piece. It's nothing amazing, I assure you. I used acrylics on a piece of wood tha
t I found near the trashcan in my subdivision. I titled it 'Defying Expectations.'

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DTJ said...

Well said. Poetry should dictate for itself when it gets written.



Ruby Bost said...

"Defying Expectation" is beautiful!! I love the heart tat and the pink ballernia slippers. I belive that "Defying Expectations" will be exactly what you'll do as you allow yourself to grow and experince life. I call these moments of growth "light cycles." Too bad they don't all happen at Light Speed.

Or perhpas it's a good thing that we do get stuck in a light cycle and drift off or close to a black hole. I've found that the challenges are what really make us grow. So we must embrace them and enjoy every step of the process towards arriving at a goal. After all that's where all the fun and growth happens.

Take your time and let it be organic when it needs to. Because then you'll be able to show us to live and experince life and stop "deferring dreams into poems."

I'll be standing by as you defy expectations (your own and those of everyone else)!

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