New Motivation.

So, during my usual, unfocused browsing of the WWW, I came across a blog called "The Anti 9-to-5 Guide."

As a new freelancer, I'm constantly looking for inspiration, checking out who's doing it big, how the hell I should set my fees, and learning how to deal with flaky people and long periods of low a$$ funds. This blog covers the first two. But the article that made me say "Hell yeah," was this one.

After reading this, I can confidently shoot my mom down each time she dares to utter the phrase "Grad School." She's convinced that my non-desire to chuck out another 40-grand to get a master's degree is fueled by laziness. In truth, I didn't get much out of my four years of undergrad. So I'm highly doubtful that another couple of years will somehow grant me with the publishing/book deal I supremely deserve, significantly boost my poetry sales, or cause the flakes who set up meetings for writing gigs to not punk out (once they realize that they actually have to spend money if they require a dope wordsmith).

Aside from all of that, I'm a creative. No professor can bless me with more creativity or the motivation to use what I've got. Whatever I work, I'm working it on my own merit. No diss to those of you who count on that piece of paper to get that high-paying 9-to-5. But for me... that's not the sh*t.

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