Sarah Baartman.

I'm a feminist. No, I don't burn bras. I have a boyfriend who I totally realize is always going to be the man of the house. I wear make-up and heels when I want to be a "lady." I say excuse me when I belch and I keep my legs together in public. On the other hand, I'm a complete advocate of women taking control of their own lives, being independent, and mindful of the way they portray themselves in a male-dominated society.

Enter the video vixen.

She's everything we want to be: sexy, gorgeous, and lusted after; and she's everything we hate: nothing but a sex-object whose intellect is dangerously downplayed. She destroys everything that Sarah Baartman died for. However, taking her sexuality by the reigns, and capitalizing off of her own body, makes her a feminist to some.

I think there's a healthy median between the video hoe and bra-burning feminists. And out of respect for Ms. Baartman, we should find it, and as women, strive to be just that.

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