Hip Hop Saved My Life...

This is "old news," but since I've dubbed this video one of the best of 08, I decided to post it. For the love of Lupe, watch it. If you're not a Lupe fan-- maybe b/c he put that cap on the number of albums he'll release during his Hip Hop career and you refuse to get too attached-- the video is still a beautiful tribute to the art.

I know that I'm constantly ragging on Hip Hop, but I have to admit, the industry does allow for a few real artists slip through the cracks. By no means is the playing field even, which is why I write for SchemeMag.com (plug). We all know and hate that the fluff far outweighs the real. But until more videos like this one make it to BET (Belligerently Evil Television?), keep on diggin'. As much as I'd hate to admit it, Myspace is a great place to start if you're looking for phenomenal Emcees. Unfortunately, the site is cluttered with too many nonsensical rhymers who couldn’t get a deal if they were related to Diddy (Ugh) himself. If you can't stand to sift through the shit to find the gold nuggets, check out labels like Stones Throw, Definitive Jux, and Barak Records to start

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