My Bookshelf is Dusty

Reading is a lost art. In the midst of a million channels and endless internet pages, my book collection has fallen to the ranks of priority number [insert unbelievably high number here]. I'm back on the mission of sprucing up my bookshelf with pieces of literature that challenge the imagination, poetry that inspires more words from yours truly, and non-fiction manuscripts that will make me a better rounded thinker and writer.

Unfortunately, books cost money (it's a shame, right?). Luckily, my thrifty genius keeps my wish list on Amazon updated regularly so I can catch the used books that fall under my meager budget of $2. :-) My most recent additions, which have me regularly checking the mail now-a-days, are Toure's Never Drank the Kool-Aid and Soul City.

Now, some of you die-hard lit lovers and fellow struggling writers may disagree with my pension for buying used books when the money obviously doesn't go back to the wordsmith. Sorry, momma raised me shopping at Goodwill. And to answer your question (should you dare pose it), if the shoe were on the other foot, I wouldn't mind people copping my collection for a nickel at their local garage sale. Hopefully the hands my work pass through are inspired to do something fruitful… and that doesn't include spending money.

Anyway, if anyone has suggestions on some worthy reads, please spread the love. I need to read before my pen dries. Plus, someone said that shit is fundamental.

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