Current Writing Projects.

*Chicken Soul for the Soul is now accepting submissions for "The Cancer Book" edition to be released in March of 2009. I have a little less than two months to piece together something that I've been sitting on since my Aunt Mary passed of breast cancer in 2002. I generally don't procrastinate so thoroughly on a piece of such importance, but this will be the most difficult and personal project I've ever submitted for publication. Wish me well.

*I was recently inspired to write a poem called "Puck the Folice" by a piece of art created by Mr. Soul (I also have a fab tee). Generally, when I get a poetic idea I crank it out when the verses are fresh, but this one requires a bit of research. I'll post a snippet of the progress soon.

*At this very moment I'm working on a piece for on an Ann Arbor artist, Buff1. His album is amazing. So be sure to stay tuned to for the article, and cop the album on August, 12.

*Still piecing together the skeleton for my second novel, tentatively titled Black [obscured for the intellectual property thieves].

In the meantime, I'm hoping that God grants me with focus. Most of my hours are monopolized by gig searching and creativity takes a backseat on my journey to seek ways to pay the bills. Fortunately, I've been coming across some great inspiration, like Touré's "Notes for Writers Section" of his website, and from a site that offers plenty of music for the soul called Souled On.


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