Common Sense Tips on Becoming A Better Writer.

Read. Read bad literature, excellent literature and everything in between. Read magazines, read advertising copy, read the lyrics to songs and random blogs. Everything you read with subconsciously affect the way you write, and hopefully that would be for the better.

Write without purpose. Start a blog just to flex your writing muscles everyday. Participate in forums and online discussions that require you to think and communicate those thoughts through coherent copy. Join online communities like Yelp! and write reviews. Obviously, the more you write, the better you will become.

Criticize yourself. Be hard on yourself. Push your creativity to the limit. See a cliché? Delete it. Don't be afraid to revise or too lazy to revisit and change your work.

Which brings me to my next tip…

Understand that a piece is never complete. All poems are unfinished. Every piece of prose can be better. More details can be added. If you're a storyteller, more dialogue can be added to clarify the story. Once you understand this, you'll feel more comfortable walking away from a project.

Ask for feedback. Many artists are very guarded about our work, but although the creative process is self-fulfilling, you have to remember that the end result is for the masses. Don't be shy about hearing people's thoughts… even if they have no clue what good writing is ;-)

Connect with other writers.

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