The Femcee.

As I prepare to review Stacy Epp's album, The Awakening, and after completing my Invincible piece for Scheme Mag, I've been struggling with the word Femcee.

Widely defined, a Femcee is a female emcee. (For more nifty terms, check out The Urban Dictionary.)

As a Hip-Hop enthusiast and a female, this terms bothers me because it implies that females lyricists are in another class, creating more separation within Hip-Hop. It also implies that one who holds the title "Emcee," must (by logic) be male. Female rappers, such as Jean Grae, Invincible, and Rah Digga, are topping many of their male counterparts when it comes to pure rhyme skills. It's no hush hush fact that women are wildly underrepresented in the most controversial and important facets of American culture: Hip-Hop. Not only is the female emcee rare in the big scheme of things, but females at-large are generally disrespected by the images and lyrics of the "ruling class." In order to break the barrier it has to start with the way we view the female emcee, which has to be as an equal. By creating and subscribing to lingo that in itself is separatist, we're setting ourselves back.

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