Sarah Plain and Small

McCain and his camp are either incredibly dumb or have the foresight that I and many people lack by giving his running mate slot to Sarah Palin, the current Governor of Alaska.

The move further confirms the fact that politics is a science, not an art.

These calculated moves based on targeting a specific demographic and winning voters over (read: Hillary groupies who refuse to support Obama), are nothing but obviously insincere. But people are going to love it. The opportunity to have a female VP or a black President has the whole world clappin' they hands (shameless plug for an awesome friend). And aside from the phoniness of it all, I'm excited that such a monumental moment is occurring during a period of my life when I can truly appreciate it.
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In bigger news, I have an ISBN # for my poetry collection, [If] Life's Rotten, Write to the Core. I've been unofficially peddling my art through Lulu w/o an ISBN or the opportunity to pitch it to retailers. Now I'm official!

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