Art Inspired Poetry.

Puck the Folice (Inspired by the artwork of mr. soul)

Puck the Folice
Puck the Folice in Blue, Black,
And Puck them in plain clothes
Puck the Folice 41 times
Puck them in the back
With their hands up
Puck the Folice on a curb
In the ghetto
With everyone watching
And pretend that you could care
Puck the Folice in the comfort
Of their own home
Storm through the door
And Puck ‘em good
Claim it was mistake
Of identity
Claim you didn’t know they were pigs
Puck them as they lay in bed
Next to their wives
When they are with child
Puck the Folice in broad daylight
Puck their children
Puck their sons
Assume they’ll live
And die as filthy Folice

Copyright Ain HD ©2009

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