The Road Less Traveled.

Sleepy. Life as a PR Writer are generally filled with days sitting on my computer, cranking out press releases and other materials for publicity clients. This weekend, I was able to take my work on the road, traveled to Detroit for a smooth Media Day, relaxed with the family, partied with the girls and made it back last night only to get up early for a much-needed doctor's appointment.

I usually don't get too personal on this thing, but my life as a writer is so much more than brainstorming and penning drafts. Everything I write is inspired by life. So at times I feel a little compelled to share it with you. Pardon me if you could care less *wink*.

My goal this week is to get back on track. I went to my favorite resource, Google, and did an image search for "The Road Less Traveled." I needed slight visual inspiration for my mission of taking a new route to promoting and marketing my work.

Below is my favorite result. Enjoy and stay tuned for updates.

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