Ain: The Pimp.

Out of nowhere, she goes “I don’t pimp my poetry.” First, I try to see if anyone else shares my reaction. I scan around the table and try to figure out what the other three people at my Soul CafĂ© poetry Meetup are thinking.

She continues, “You’ll never see me passing out cards with my stage name on it, or trying to sell CDs, or trying to sell books. I don't even tell people about my blog. I just do it because I love to do it.”

At this point, I’m thinking “STFU, please.”

Wait. Backtrack.

She introduced herself at the beginning of the meeting and said that in her “real life” she works as a [insert well-paying career here]. Now it makes sense. I can respect that. Unfortunately, she made trying to make a living off of your craft something ugly and illicit.

I wanted to respond with something profound, which I ultimately didn’t wind up doing. I simply hold up my book again and say, “Yeah, well I’m trying to make a living off of my work. This is my life and I want to get paid.” (Actors do it. Musicians do it. Visual Artists do it.)

Of course, once I get into my car and drive away after the meeting I begin to think of more clever responses, for example, pointing out that “pimping” implies taking advantage of a situation, and when I’m in a position to take my poetry to the highest level, I’m going to be a pimping mothaf*cka.

It was almost as motivating as it was insulting when she kind of frowned up her face as if she were in a different class of poets from those who push their work for profit. She almost made me forget about Jessica Care Moore, Saul Williams, Poetri and a beautiful cat by the name of Versiz who has a hot double album.

At the end of the meeting, she spit a poem and split.

By the way, buy my book.

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Kim Afreeka said...

Wow, I did feel some tension during that perticular point in the meeting. After reading your blog entry, I felt what you was saying, especially about being motivated by her statement.

Everyone has their own purpose and as long as you are clear on yours, everything that comes at you, is sent to push you closer to your dreams...

As she spoke, I said to myself, "this is her ideology and her relationship with her work." It really didn't resonate with me.

I was thinking in my head wow, "that's nice for you, but what the hell does it has to do with the agenda bullets..."

I just didn't feel a need to repond to it because it seemed one minded, similiar to some of the other chit chatter at the table......

I guess I was being one minded myself because I was only focusing on conversations regarding the meeting agenda and at that point, that was all I had energy for.

I am not going to say what I would of said.....but I will say this your book is worth every cent.....and thanks again for inspiring me, cuz' I am so looking forward to pimping the sugar... out my book soon :)! you wit me!

Be Free!

P.S. In all reality, we're just using our natural talents and passions to create prosperity, that is truly the definition of the good life! How blessed are we!

NaturallyAlise said...

I encounter those types quite often, and I encountered a pontificating "do-gooder" open mic host and it was the one time I got to be Captain Clever for once in my life, I wrote a poem in response to her judgmental statements and performed it when it was my turn on stage..... it got a standing ovation, [insert evil laugh]...

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