High Off Compliments.

Like any artist, I thrive off of positive feedback. This past week, two great people with an appreciation for my work gave me some quotable compliments. The first comes from a cat who found the teaser of [If] Life's Rotten, Write to the Core on Issuu:

"This is an excellent collection of poems. The Roots are one of my favorite groups and I was delighted to see the quote from the "Game Theory" album start this off. The poems "Screw Love" and "Who" stood out for me. I love what you did with the line "Dicing me to multiple personalities" in the poem "New Girl". The idea of writing prompts gives your work an almost interactive feel. Also, the way you word them adds to your poetic message." - djareck.

The other comes from a singer/songwriter whom I recently befriended on Myspace:

"Ain, I am so impressed with your writings. They give such a detailed view of your thoughts and experiences. You do this with a cultural twist that does not seek approval of anyone. Kudos girl! You may have heard this before, but your intellect is similar to that of Susan Rice... Your intellect is similar to hers, albeit your expression is creative as opposed to political. Again, I just want you to know that your energy does not go unnoticed. Keep doing what you do! We are all better for it." - D. Alexander

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