Back from Detroit & Back to the Grind.

One of my favorite bloggers turned 21 last Friday and I traveled to my hometown of Motown to celebrate. We had a blast with family and friends. I left my computer in the A and avoided work and writing for the entire weekend.

Now I'm back in my sanctuary, encircled by the smoke of lavender incense and listening to Gil Scott-Heron, searching for inspiration. I had a short story deadline today that I decided not to meet. I really had hopes on entering a Creative Loafing contest but since creative writing isn't supposed to be stressful, I'll reach for the prize next year. For the rest of the day, I'll be working on a bio for my beautiful friend and photographer, TT Coles.

I'll also be going to this event at Sugarhill tonight: (see you there?)

Looking forward to the artistic motivation I get this evening to usher in a creatively productive weekend that will set off an amazing week :-)

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