Yelp Review of the Day!

I Yelp, which means I write candid, totally honest reviews of places I go. Yelping is fun and affords me yet another opportunity to write. Anyone can Yelp. If you dig going to new places and sharing your experience with others (whether it's to brag or bash), Yelp is a great spot to do it. Not to mention you get to meet pretty decent people in your area, find out about new and interesting spots, and get invited to some pretty swanky Yelp-hosted events.

Where was I going with this? *Glances up at post title*

Oh yeah, my review for West Egg Cafe was the Review of the Day! I don't think it's sad at all that this was a major highlight of my weekend. Hell, it ain't easy. If you live in the Atlanta area, or if you visit often, feel free to follow my reviews. You may be lucky enough to run into me. There's only so much cyberstalking one can do until your curiosity to meet me in person becomes too much to handle. Just joking. Not really.

Aside from getting a total high off of my popular review and writing two more today simply because of that recognition, I've been working on my girl's bio. She takes incredible photos. I know I've dropped her info more than a few times but she's ridiculously dope and pretty green behind the lens so that makes her even more impressive.

I'm hoping to shoot with her again soon. Of course, I have to deliver a banging bio 1st. The life of a creative is forever filled with awesomely boast-worthy barters.

Now if I can only convince Coldwell Bank, Chase, Capitol One, Verizon and Kroger that they need my services...

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