Prison. Where do you from there?

I attended a panel discussion last week with Michael Eric Dyson, of Dead Prez and Kevin Powell. It was a great discussion hosted at Morehouse College about black men and education. I walked away charged and inspired to continue making a difference by using my craft. Of all the topics that the group touched on, MED used a phrase that really stuck with me about how prisons "castrate the future of men." The next day, I came across this independent film on Vimeo that really captured that sentiment artistically. The video was directed by Mario Lizondo of Spain. The storyline was strong. Nice work and awesome delivery!

Check it out:

God Bless You - Short film from Lizondo on Vimeo

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Mario Lizondo said...

Hi Im the director of God Bless you, thank you very much for the post! Your commentary has thrilled me!! and the post brought up the visits on Vimeo this week. :)
Hugs from Spain!.
Mario Lizondo
Sorry for my bad english ;)

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