First Stop. Google.

The goal of all upcoming artists should be for accurate results to bud after typing their name in Google's search box. I can say that I've accomplished that goal with a few decent placements on various websites. Cool. Now what?

There are many things on the horizon for me and as my creative career blossoms, I'm looking forward to enjoying a life where I can truly survive off of my work. However, aside from aiming for high book sales and a future filled with the luxuries now on my growing wish list, what would make me an "accomplished artist?"

Many people look forward to palm tree lined streets adorning plush retirement communities. Being able to retire and live off the fat of the land while you spend your days traveling and volunteering is supposed to the finale of the American Dream.

I can't imagine retiring as an artist. It's creatively impossible. So the last stop can only be creating for the sake of art, which may be a good place to end.

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