I've Got My Mojo Back.

Many posts back, I mentioned starting a novel, tentatively titled Black December Rising.

Well, in true Ain fashion, I quickly lost interest about three pages deep. Even after switching my focus from classic literature to experimental fiction, I wasn't feeling too novelistic. However, after rereading the draft that I'd penned months ago, my bug is back and I'm happy to announce that I've regained my Mojo.

Black December Rising is by far already my favorite project. I'll be spending the next several months, gladly, stationed in front of my computer cranking out an amazing piece of fiction (claim it).

With that said, the blogs may become a little less frequent. I've already gone over-budget creating the proper Feng Shui in my space so I can maintain my Mojo and motivation. I will certainly keep y'all updated on the progress and post when I can.

Write on, my people!

BTW, Obama '08. Tomorrow is historical. I hope you all make it to the polls.

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