Embrace Your Creativiy: Kuumba!

Happy Kwanzaa! Today is the 6th day of this splendid holiday and the core principle is Kuumba: Creativity. I should be celebrating by propping myself against a tree and writing my soul out. However, beauty calls, and I'm getting gussied up for tonight's NYE festivities. I'm allowed that! I still wanted to share a few tips and tricks with you all in regards to inspiring your own creativity.

Change your space: Rearrange. Paint. Throw in a different dash of color. Hang a poster or painting. Move yourself to a separate room altogether. Varying my setting has always proved to vary my thought process. Changing the space around you can inspire the new!

Read/watch a success story: I watched a movie titled Man on Wire the other day about a French fellow who was determined to walk on a wire between the Twin Towers shortly after they were built. Philippe Petit made his wire walking passion an art. It was truly motivational to watch this man's journey to the top of NYC. Other success stories have also inspired me to take my creativity to new levels, such as that of Tyler Perry, Oprah and Michael Baisden.

Turn off the TV: This is an obvious one and the one I generally have the most trouble with. It's so comforting to hear the dialogue between people as background noise. However, sometimes complete silence leaves you alone with your thoughts and you may be surprised to find what those are.

Introduce yourself to new music: If you're a solid jazz fan, throw in some Hip Hop. If you're a Hip Hop head to the soles of your classic Adidas, toss a Blues album in the player. New sounds may open up a new dimension of your creative spirit. Let those melodies and lyrics flow through you like a quick, uninterrupted current.

Do what I do: drink a glass of wine and dance about when no one is watching.

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