Focus on Your Purpose: Nia!

Today is day five of Kwanzaa and the core principle is Nia: Purpose.

I've been charged by my mother to devise a "plan" for 2009. Being a struggling writer is not going to suffice. Nor has it been satisfying my purpose. I have two days to come up with a solid plan of action and my head is dancing in circles considering all the directions I could take.

Grad or technical school is an option, so I've been sitting here trying to see which in-demand career will be less painful to take on. I realize the short-term goal will pay my bills, but may not necessarily fulfill my purpose. However, I've also had to grasp the concept of sacrifice.

As a creative writer, I've learned that my purpose will eventually manifest, because it is my destiny to write and influence people with my words. I am blessed enough to have the talent and I know what to do with it. In that, no job, gig or hustle can steer me away from my purpose.

So bring on the schooling and subsequent career. At the end of the day, I'm a writer and I define my happiness as having faith that my gift will soon transform my life.

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Anonymous said...

Do what you love, hon! But I feel you. Bills gotta get paid. I love you! You're an awesome writer!

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