13 Phrases #1: Monica Marie Jones

Today is the first installment of "13 Phrases," a candid complete-the-sentence interview with up and coming artists. Aside from showcasing my own work, I want to highlight self-published and emerging authors who creatively inspire me and others. Today, I spoke with Monica Marie Jones, a Motown writer, dancer and youth advocate. Enjoy

1. By day,
I am a Writer!

2. I write best when I am out of town or in an environment with no distractions, such as a bookstore or coffee shop.

3. When I find it difficult to complete a piece,
I walk away from it for a while and come back to it with a fresh mind.

4. Three things that help me recover from Writer's Block are
time, a change of scenery or environment, writing something else in a different form or genre (song, poem, blog, etc.)

5. I starting writing because
I needed an outlet to process my emotions.

6. I continued to write because I found that it not only helped me but it helped others as well.

7. I will always write because
it is my one true passion.

8. If I weren't a writer,
I would probably be a motivational speaker, talk show host, or radio show host.

9. The authors who influence and inspire my work are
Jacquelin Thomas and TD Jakes.

10. The most important goal I have as a writer is
to write and publish a minimum of seven books.

11. People who read my work are most likely to
get emotionally involved with the characters and the content.

12. My most significant piece to date is
my latest novel, FLOSS. I feel that it has the quality and the content of the novels that I read and love.

13. There is nothing more important than
TAG (Time Alone with GOD).

Excerpt from The Ups and Downs of Being Round:

"Now that I was no longer rotund, people were generally nicer to me and I got things that I hadn't gotten before. Wasn't I the same person? Instead of white or economic privilege, I had slim privileges. Take dance class for instance. I worked at the same level of intensity that I had before. I could move a little better because I didn't have the excess booty baggage, but I was still pretty average. The dance studio director called my house one day and tells my mom that they want me to be a part of the company...the highest rank in the entire school! "Are you sure?" she responded. Mom loved me but she knew that I wasn't all that when it came to dance, not yet anyway. I knew that it was mainly due to my new body. I had always had the pretty face, but now I had the body to match. I was now good enough to be in the company. I started getting asked to do more in the church, and at school. If I knew that I would get this special treatment for being thin, I would have been doing sit-ups, push ups, and chins ups on my umbilical chord before I popped out of the womb.

Dancing kept me in decent shape. Since I was already thin and getting regular exercise from dancing, I got lax on what I ate. I figured that like most other skinny people I could eat whatever I wanted and not worry about gaining weight. Dancing helped to increase my confidence. They thought I was good enough to be in the company, which made me think I was the stuff. When you think that you can do something, you usually do it well because you believe in yourself."

Contact Monica M. Jones:

Email: monica@monicamariejones.com

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