iHype the City of Ink.

If you're in Atlanta, a fan of body art and a lover of fine art, you must visit the City of Ink. I'm not just saying this because all of the artists affiliated with the shop are very cool creatives, but they also happen to be very dope. The City of Ink has hosted some phenomenal shows over the past two years. The next show, "Enough Iz Enough: Artists United Against Police Brutality," is the theme of the shop's second year anniversary show, which begins on February 27. I'll be posting bits of the press release that I wrote for the event soon.

Aside from the art shows and the atmosphere, people from all over the country are flocking to the City of Ink to be inked by some of the best tattoo artists around. Right now, they're running a $40 special (see flyer) on small, professional tattoos. If you're looking for a place to get your next tat or if you're feeling impulsive, head over to Atlanta's historical Catlesberry Hill District without hesitation.

Thank me later.

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