ATL, Swing Over to the City of Ink.

Today the City of Ink will be kicking off their two-year anniversary with a socially conscious art show, "Enough Iz Enough: Artists United Against Police Brutality." My poem "Puck the Folice" will be hanging on the gallery walls tonight and the next 30 days. Please come out to support this very important message and check out some 30 artists who've artistically expressed their disapproval with past and current acts of police abuse. See you there! (Pics coming soon, hopefully)

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Lite }{ said...

Totally missed it last night, due to me not feeling well, and having mad work to attend to. The rain didn't help either. So I made the mature decision and stayed in. Will you post your poem here, too?

Can't wait to see the pics, I wanna hear all about it.

Ciao for now }{

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