ATTN: Mitt Romney, from a Fed-Up Artist.

I'm not a writer but I had to say something about this madness. I was cursing aloud when my daughter asked me what was wrong and reminded me that I should not use language like this. I apologized to her and calmly went and sat down to write this note to you adults. If you don't like profane language, stop reading now. So what had happened was...

I went on CNN to catch up on the daily news and I came across an article written by Mitt Romney, former Governor of Massachusetts, board member of an Winter Olympic committee, and former Presidential Candidate. Now, before I start talking about Gov. Romney, I have to explain how I went into a rage. I had just read an article about Obama telling Senate to cut the crap and get this bill passed already. We're in dire straits. (I'm paraphrasing but let me grab the quote.) Obama says, "Don't come to the table with the same tired arguments and worn ideas that helped to create this crisis." Right on Mr. President.

Now, everyday the news gets worse and worse and I keep seeing news conferences with law makers gathered in Washington hallways and steps to state their case. The Dems say they need to get this bill passed, the clock is tickin'. The Republicans say they want program funding thrown out because they don't create jobs. Some things I can see their point, but for the most part, these are limited funding regiments when you look at the majority of the bill. Typical political stances by both parties.

Then I go read this
article by Mitt Romney... I fucking lose it. This guy comes with the same old argument of permanent tax cuts and spending the money on military supplies in Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Iraq, which no doubt will go to the same type of companies that got us in the ginormous debt we are currently suffering from. We've had major tax cuts for wealthy buttheads like good ol' Mitt and it has brought us nothing but misery. Oh and who was for deregulation... Mr. Romney no doubt. See what that got us on Wall Street? People like Mitt Romney don't get it because they are no where close to the tragedy that so many Americans are facing or are close to facing. This is this asshole’s philosophy: Give rich people tax cuts so they can hire more peasants. Cut the spending so we won't go deeper into debt, but if you do spend money, spend it on the motherfuckers that blew a majority of the money in the first place. Oh, and any of the programs that could actually help your broke ass, cut those because we can't afford to because we should spend that money on corporations and banks that can hire people and give loans. Only they're not hiring people and they're not giving loans. They're buying other banks and businesses. I want to punch this dude in the face. (Not to mention, how are you for war and not one of your five healthy sons are involved in it?)

Look, this tired old way of thinking is going to be the end of us. So if I had a vote, I vote that cut the crap, strip it of anything that isn't urgent right now and pass the damn bill already. Mitt Romney, please shut the fuck up. If the gargantuan spending that was the Iraq War hasn't tanked us, then spending money on the people of the US won't either. As a matter of fact, your conservative crowd is big on investing. Now it's time to invest in the American people. So fuck your Halliburtons who conveniently relocated their asses to Dubai so they could avoid whatever hellfire that is coming their way after the smoke clears in Iraq, or whoever would benefit from your military spending that you want in this Bill. Jackasses like Mitt Romney don't get it because he's never had to wake up and wonder how he's going to get money to pay for anything. Neither did Bush and that's how they govern. Fiscal my ass. Pass the bloody bill already and Mitt Romney sit down and be quiet... fuck!

Angry artist!


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Publius said...

Good read! I support a stimulus bill too; however, I have a slightly different perspective.

There are several different theories about how to stimulate the economy and they're asking for an unprecedented amout of money (money that the country will have to borrow from China...Ouch!) to do so, so it's not necessarily a bad thing that people are questioning it.

I agree that something must be done; however, there should be a thorough debate about how to go about solving this issue.

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