Poetic Response to the Chris Brown/Rihanna Fiasco

To a Would-Be Abuser

Think twice
Before that palm meets
My face
And with your micro-machismo
You proceed to “put me in my place”
Remember that I’ve got cousins
And my cousins have cousins
And I’ve got play cousins on top of those
I’ve got a gramps who keeps a piece
Who’ll quickly adopt microwave mannerisms
And heat shit up
And I’ve got a little evil in me
And those little pieces of me won’t ignore
The Ain opposite my angel
That dances on my left shoulder

Copyright Ain HD ©2009

*This poem can be found in [If] Life's Rotten, Write to the Core on Amazon and Lulu.com.

2 Engage in Discourse:

mr.soul:216 said...

nice...i know firsthand about gramps' piece!

Lite }{ said...

Whoa! Don't play wit cha girl!

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