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Greetings, it has been over a week since I last posted. I wish I could give you all an elaborate account of all of the cool and productive happenings going on during the past 8 days. Things simply haven't been that hectic. I've been enjoying the weather, working an average 8 to 5, and squeezing in time to write when I have the energy. Of course, I do have some pretty exciting updates, so all isn't lost.

One, I just soft-launched the first issue of my Green lifestyle blog, Vaya Verde. I'm looking forward to making the blog a great resource for people who aren't as Green savvy. I definitely believe that as the world changes and people become more eco-friendly, I should do my part to inform others. I'm not perfectly Green, but I'm making major waves in decreasing my carbon footprint. My amazing little sister/vegan/blogger/illadvisednonconformist will also be contributing. It would be wise for you to follow the blog and make some environmental adjustments with us.

Two, I'm in the process of starting a promotional talent staffing company, called The Ripple Effect. During 2008, I did quite a bit of promotional "modeling" to stay afloat (since I was gainfully unemployed for the entire year). I paid close attention to how the companies who hired me ran business and realized that with communication skills, organization and a lot of networking, I could be the one doing the hiring. So, I partnered with two lovely, talented and blessed women and soon we'll be staffing events in and around the A. Wish us luck! By the way, the site was designed by the dopest designer/fine artist I could never slip on plugging, mr. soul. He's mad talented and available if you're looking for original, fly work.

Obviously, writing will remain number one in the midst of working and juggling different projects. My novel, Black December Rising, is shaping up beautifully and I'll be sharing some new poetic pieces soon.

Stay tuned lovelies!

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NaturallyAlise said...

very exciting.... i love to see my sisters doing big things!

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