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Since January of last year, I've been doing a piece here and there for an independent Hip Hop ezine, Scheme Mag. I've posted snippets in the past, but below is a complete listing of the features I've completed thus far. While each piece brought me closer to artists who've inspired me (be it pre or post interview), I've grown especially attached to a few people whose work I've continued to follow and draw inspiration from, such as mr. soul, Simon Illa and Joslyn Rose Lyons. Scheme Mag has definitely been a great outlet for me to showcase my skills as a journalist and help shine a light on creative people who are doing amazing things within their genre. Enjoy!

Jake One
Christina K.
Kevin “mr. soul” Harp
Jean Baylor
Joslyn Rose Lyons
Kumi Hues
Simon Illa
The Redland

Sweet Rush
Goldi Gold

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