Visualize Your Priorities.

I've really been in reorganization mode lately. I'm always in a constant state of getting things in order. Although I [finally] have a day job to support my writing habit, it now seems all the more pressing to get my work out and shift around my priorities.

Enter, the Priority Board.

I'm a big advocate of daily to-do lists, but recently, they haven't been enough to organize what I need to focus my energy on. These lists generally get tossed into the recycle bin after the most mundane of tasks have been completed. Therefore, I'm implementing a new way to prioritize everything on my plate.

My priority board is composed of five sections/columns:

Current Projects
Short Term Goals
Long Term Goals
Do Now (a more focused version of my to-do list)
Big Picture Ideas/Ventures

The materials needed for the Priority Board are simple: sharpies, pen/pencil, thumb tacks, blank cards and a cork board (so items can easily be removed and added as needed). Columns may vary from person to person, but I've found that my sections help me keep things in the most logical order as it pertains to how I see/do things. The best feature of the Priority Board is that it helps you visualize your goals. A lot of people know what they want to do, but don't write these things down. While I'm not really big on "structure," I've learned that you have to put the things you want to happen into the universe. I also like having the flexibility to change my board as needed. We change by the minute so my board will constantly be altered based on my wants and needs of the moment.

Have fun with this, reach high and dream big!

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