Freelance Project. RE: Baltimore's HIV Callout

Back in February, I was given the esteemed duty to write a press release for a March event in Baltimore. The event: An HIV/AIDS testing event hosted by the United Sisters Mentoring Program. As the market is saturated with freelance writers, it's rare to come by great projects when you're not looking for them. Fortunately, this release fell into my lap and gave me an opportunity to use my powers for good ;-) and connect with a positive sister, Grace Wiggins, who's doing amazing things in her community.

Grace sent me a couple of photos that I wanted to share with you all. I thought the graffiti wall was a great touch on an already cool and necessary event.

"60 people were tested and the panel discussion was healing. The guest speakers also found it delightful, as they rarely get to hear from the younger Generation. BIG UP to Callout Supporters ("With no village the children starve"). The performances were live and guest speaker Jill Cloud was keeping it real 101% of the time. I can honestly say that we learned a lot and had fun doing it," shared Grace.

And of course, Ms. Wiggins had kind words for yours truly.

"Thank you for composing hot press release for such a needed event. The HIV Callout was awesome and very much needed by the city of B'more. Your words helped us get a 3-minute spot on FOX 45. Girl... 3 WHOLE Minutes, which is like forever in T.V. time. It was so exciting. I have come to appreciate the power of [written] expression and those who have a gift for it."

A big you're welcome and thank YOU to Grace for organizing something so important.

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that's pretty deep and a good look.


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