Global Action Day for Troy Davis (5.19.09)

From Amnesty International:

Troy Davis, a man who may well be innocent, has a 30-day stay of execution that is about to expire. No court has yet held a hearing on the new evidence of tainted testimony, yet they are willing to end his life. On May 19th, every person can help make a difference by participating in any activity, event or creative action that calls attention to the injustice of his case.

For those of you in Atlanta and around the Metro, the info for the Atlanta Rally is as follows:

Join Amnesty International USA and NAACP for a rally in Atlanta for Troy Davis.
When: May 19, 2009; 6-8 pm
City: Atlanta
Location: State Capitol Steps
Organizers: Amnesty International USA and NAACP
Contact: Laura Moye, 404-876-5661 ex,

Read more about the case of Troy Davis here.

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