The Misconception of the Poet

The concept of being a poet is simple: write poetry. I find that people are often surprised when I tell them that I'm a poet. They usually say something along the lines of, "Wow, you write? I wouldn't have guessed," this is almost always code for, "Wow, you're so silly. Who woulda thought you had a mind to write poetry."

This surprise generally stems from the fact that there are certain characteristics that people assume poets should have. Fortunately, most poets don't actually conform to the stereotypical poetic persona. Unless it's a newbie on the scene who's yet to find and focus on their own voice, the poets & writers that I meet are highly individualistic artists who pride their own flava.

So, when you catch me doing the Pee-wee Herman dance in public, don't assume that I can't also drop a verse regarding politics, social woes, or the richness of the African diaspora. K?

And aside from the Pee-wee dance, poets also:

Play video games.
Watch pointless, ridiculously badly-written b-movies.
Curse in public.
Eat junk food.
Drink malted beverages.
Listen to garbage rap music just because the beat is undeniably dope.
Shop for "name brand" swag.
Do the Moonwalk & the Robot (thanks Goldi Gold!)

You're welcome.

5 Engage in Discourse:

Goldi gold said...

you forgot doing the moonwalk and the robot

TomDaBomb2u said...

P.W Herman = ftw. I'd kill the shit outta you in a Pee-Wee dance-off.

NaturallyAlise said...

poets can:

*eat copious amounts of pork
*write ignorantly silly blog entries about randomness
*date another poet and NEVER talk about poetry
*drink cheap beer and box wine
*go to a poetry event and JUST watch

cute entry :)

RufioJones said...

OK...I'm sorry for my trespasses.

Publius said...

Drink malted beverages lol...duly noted.

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