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Yesterday, the states were abuzz with the news that Oprah, the admirable media queen, gave away coupons for a free meal at KFC. One, Oprah has been an advocate of taking care of our temples and going Green. Two, Oprah is all about the giveaway, and in this economy, a free meal is a definite come-up. We know this. But, what a pile of hypocritical chicken crap it is to give KFC such an endorsement. I give her kudos for all of the philanthropic deeds she’s done. This was not one.

It was very discouraging to see Ms. O, who on Earth Day had a special that covered the state of the planet in regards to the way we eat and create waste, become a champion for an industry who contributes to a large fraction of water pollution and illness. Not to mention the fact that if one has a concern for actually freeing up food for the hungry, we should consider the fact that more than 80% of our grain goes towards feeding livestock. Talk about a major waste of land and food that could wisely be used growing crops and feeding millions of hungry people.

Of course I could go on and talk at length about the anti-environmental traits of the factory farms that we could do without and why (if you insist on eating meat) you should strongly consider purchasing free-range and organic meats. If I dare use the word, it’s healthier than the other stuff. Of course, as most people have pointed out, you have to die of something. However, after a brother told me “If crack tasted like chicken, I’d shoot it,” that argument pretty much went null.

Anyway, on to work on a deadline… listen to this guy:

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Lia said...

"you will always serve people sick chickens"...i thought that was funny. But yeah, not that I ever really like Oprah in the 1st place..but this really does take away all of her credibility. She is either stupid, or ignorant. Because I don't believe that she could have looked into how the food was made, and still gave out these coupons.

Pro's Hood said...

to me it was all a publicity stunt for her ratings and to distract the world from some real things that are going on. This is contradictory to everything she's said in the past as far as health.

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