13 Phrases #5: ain hd

How could I not feature myself? Read on.

1. By day, I am a: writer. No matter the job or gig of the moment, my journal is in tote. My 9 to 5 title is never as important as the title He bestowed upon me. I’m not a writer by trade, but by gift. Amen.

2. I write best when: I’m moved, and the types of moments that move me are unlimited.

3. When I find it difficult to complete a piece, I: trash it or walk away from it until I’m moved to pick it back up. As a writer, I’ve learned that my creativity has no boundaries. I’m no longer afraid to release a piece into space when I’m not inspired to complete it. I realize that another will come.

4. Three things that help me recover from Writer’s Block are: listening to music, reading or doing absolutely nothing at all. I try not to claim writer’s block. A major component of a writer’s life is sitting back and observing, so when the words aren’t flowing, I realize that a period of observation is in order.

5. I started writing because: I wanted to be a rapper.

6. I continued to write because: the rhythms and thoughts in my head needed to be released.

7. I will always write because: I’m supposed to.

8. If I weren’t a writer, I would probably be: a visual artist or dancer. There’s always a way to tell a story or make a statement.

9. The Authors who influence and inspire my work are: those who push boundaries and shun traditional literary academia when exercising their right to write.

10. The most important goal I have as a writer is: to inspire thought. I want my poems to scream “Fire!”

11. People who read my work are most likely to: hug their neighbor, embrace a stranger, extend a hand to someone in need, start a rebellion or engage in self-reflection.

12. My most significant piece to date is: “Hypnotized,” a piece I wrote when I was 15 about society’s unreasonable fear of black men.

13. There’s nothing more important than: positive energy. When you have and surround yourself with that, everything else falls into place.

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2 Engage in Discourse:

NaturallyAlise said...

wow, you wanted to be a rapper, how cool is that??!!

vedekdrew said...

thanks for this.

I love the view re: writer's block. I will often say that I am blocked, but not I am beginning to wonder if I am "blocked" or if I am just ignoring what is happening around me. Because it is not what "I" want to "discuss.

Peace and long life!

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